Turn your workspace into a safe place

A high precision location system in real time, capable of analyzing and protecting people’sdaily lives while respecting their privacy.

Adaptable to any type of space

Soocial is prepared to give you security and peace of mind
whatever your business is (public spaces, private spaces).

The product consists of


We install locators in the ceiling or high on the wall, indentifying the location of each person within the environment.

Control Panel

A control panel will provide real time information on number of people, and notify on social distancing non-compliance.

Smart Tag

We provide smart tags to each person who enters into the area to be registered and know their location in real time.

A Smart technology that works via Bluetooth

Soocial works with a Bluetooth system capable of detecting exact points in real time in a limited space.


Don't matter how big is your space.


Our technology is global.


Locate and identify people in real time.


Is compatible with other technologies.

Success stories

 5 years of Indoor Tracking experience, the system has been validated by the NBA
and currently is installed in offices, sport spaces, hospitals and schools.