Turn your workspace into a safe place

A high precision location system in real time, capable of analyzing  and protecting people’s daily lives while respecting their privacy.

A unique solution for your place

All our products can adapt to all types of spaces and businesses. What are you looking for?

360º Product

Global solution that locates, analyzes and protects people within your space.

Capacity control

Manage the maximum capacity by controlling the entry and exit of people in your space.

What does Soocial product provide?

Protect your clients and employees while protecting their individual privacy.

Safety Clearance

Alert people who are not respecting the distance.

Capacity in real time

Dynamic and automatic capacity control in each space.

Contact History

Quarantine optimization, contact tracking.

Adaptable to any type of space

Soocial is prepared to give you security and peace of mind whatever your business is (public spaces, private spaces).