The center located in the Valencian town will incorporate Soocial Distance technology and will become an intelligent building capable of improving its safety against Covid-19.

The Mislata Occupational Center has taken a big step related to technological innovation thanks to the installation of Soocial Distance technology in its facilities.

This system, which has been developed by the start-up NBN23 from Paterna and has been in operation since this week, manages to control, by means of cards that are given to each user, that they maintain the social security distance while allowing them to know the capacity in facilities in real time.

In addition, this innovative system also allows, in case of positives for Covid19, to record which other users have been close to the infected person and at how far away, information that can be of great use to health authorities.

With its installation in this town, the technological Soocial Distance, continues its expansion in Valencian territory. After the Liceo Hispano School and the Paterna City Council, the Mislata Occupational Center will be the third smart building to feature this innovative technology. Undoubtedly, this fact speaks of the confidence that is placed in innovation in order to improve the services of the different establishments and that will provide their users with multiple advantages.

This installation also speaks of the commitment that the Occupational Center has with its users and it is not necessary to forget that the main goalof this space is to provide service to people with functional disabilities. The center has 50 places for people of working age and allows its users to participate in occupational workshops, receive personal support, psychosocial care and develop skills to fully integrate into society.

Javier Bosch, CEO of Soocial Distance, has been very satisfied with the installation of the technology in this center: “Technology does not only allow us to increase security against Covid, but also converts spaces into smart buildings in which they can collect multiple data that will help improve the services provided in this Occupational Center ”, he declared. In addition, he added that it is very “easy to work with the confidence that has been transmitted to us in the Mislata Occupational Center from the beginning.”

For his part, the Mayor of Mislata, Carlos Fernández Bielsa added: “Mislata has always been a pioneer city in all matters that have to do with technological advancement and modernity and, of course, now we cannot be left behind. This is a project that technologically not only opens us up to the world, but also, at this very difficult time, will help us protect people and be able to fight the virus more effectively. It is a system that will be very useful for the Occupational Center and for Mislata society, and that, in addition, will help to modernize us, to digitize us and to be technologically more prepared for this XXI century ”.








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