More about the product

Control the capacity in each space automatically

The system allows anonymous notification of users who are quarantined.

Your meetings will be more safe​

When the safety distance is not met, users willreceive an alert vibration on their card.

Access to contact history if needed identifying users by associating Soocial Card with:

  • Checking in system
  • Database to optimize quarantine management

Allows access for specific people to reserved spaces​

Know in real time if there are people in private rooms

Communicates in real time the need for disinfection of a room

Analyze and manage the use of space to maximize safety and productivity

And also, movement patterns to improve service facilities: security, cleanliness…

Analyze and optimize your evacuation plans

Study the trajectories to establish the best routes and protocols and verify the complete evacuation of the building.

Don't waste your time
and open your business safely