Success Stories

Liceo Hispano School in Valencia

The aim of this program is to develop solutions that allow face-to-face education, creating safe spaces free of Covid-19.

Municipal swimming pools in Murcia

A system that prevents drowning and also allows perfect management of the safety distance and capacity control.

SIAC Paterna

It allows to maintain the safety space of each citizen and worker and place Paterna at the forefront in the application of technology to fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

GSIC Microsoft

Microsoft's Global Sports Innovation Center in Madrid has total control over the capacity with a real-time counter of the people in the building and their exact position to guarantee the safety distance.

Coestudio Prosegur

The Coestudio Prosegur building today enjoys the Soocial system installed inside, to guarantee a space free of COVID-19.

Mislata Occupational Center

Soocial helps to control the capacity of the classrooms and maintain the mandatory safety distance.

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