Prosegur has started the pilot test of the Covid Free Classroom Challenge convened by the Prosegur Foundation last June. This project is being developed in collaboration with Soocial Distance, the winning solution among the more than 85 different start-ups, from 20 nationalities that presented themselves. Coinciding with the beginning of the new school year, the Colegio Liceo Hispano in Paterna (Valencia) has been the educational center selected to carry out the pilot test. To do this, locators have been installed that, together with tags in the form of cards or small wearables, will make it possible to control that infant students maintain the safety distance between the “bubble” groups both in classrooms and at the playground.

The tool, developed by the start-up Nothingbutnet, allows each student to be detected and positioned in real time with a highly accurate location system. In this way, it is possible to determine the maintenance of the “safety space” of each student. In case the safety distance between users of two different groups is less than 1.5 meters, the devices emit warning vibrations. On the other hand, if a student were to become infected, it could be traced, anonymously, with which devices they have maintained close contact, allowing the school to make relevant communications to the parents of those contacts.

The positioning data is later analyzed to extract occupancy heat maps of the classrooms and the playground. These data allow planning the use of spaces and disinfection tasks more efficiently. Lastly, the pilot project aims to validate whether this technology is useful when teaching preschool children to identify their bubble group and respect the safe distance from other groups.

For José Daniel García Espinel, Director of Innovation at Prosegur, “technology is one of the great allies to recover social interaction in spaces of massive influx such as schools and universities. Once again, the innovative ecosystem has given us the best response to this social challenge. A challenge as important as going back to school requires a comprehensive solution that makes the necessary tools available to all the agents involved to guarantee safety when returning to the classroom”.

The project begins the test phase this week and, if the results are positive, it can be implemented later in any educational center. The Covid Free Classroom Challenge is a joint initiative of the Prosegur Foundation and the company’s Innovation area within the COME IN open innovation program. This program seeks to develop solutions that help restore face-to-face education, creating safe spaces free of Covid-19. And it is that returning to the classroom is essential for the comprehensive development of students, mitigate the impact of the digital divide or to facilitate family reconciliation.

In the words of Javier Bosch, CEO of Soocial Distance, “with our experience in tracking technology, basketball and swimming, we have developed a solution that will not only increase the safety of spaces, but will also provide the school with multiple advantages that will make it a smart space”.

For her part, the school director, Nieves Garrido, has indicated that “this project is a health prevention measure; it contributes, promotes and allows the learning of these measures, therefore it will be included in the Contingency Plan prepared by the school”.

The Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, who was already a pioneer in the installation of Soocial in municipal offices, has assured that “this project places Paterna at the forefront of innovation applied to the fight against COVID-19” at the same time who highlighted that “it is a leading technology initiative at the national and international level, the result of public-private collaboration, which will allow us to increase the protection of our children and learn the behavior of the virus in the school environment.”

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