The technology of the Spanish company Nothingbutnet works in this innovative center allowing a safe return to normality.

Soocial Distance, the technology created by Nothingbunet to allow a safe return to normality and that will lead to smart buildings, has been presented at Microsoft’s Global Sports Innovation Center.

Since May 18th, this technological building has had the Soocial Distance system in its facilities. Thus, the Microsoft building has full control over the capacity with a real-time counter of the people who are in the building. In addition, with this innovation, they will also be able to know where people are located within the establishment, which will allow maintaining the regulatory safety distance because the device emits a vibration every time the minimum established distance is violated.

The incorporation of Soocial Distance to the GSIC not only guarantees safety in this return to normality, but also means the arrival of interactive buildings that are increasingly closer to be a reality.

The possibility of having full control over the management of capacity and waiting times, the prediction of people influx, heat maps, history of direct contacts, the detection of groups of people, etc. In short, Soocial Distance, will allow you to have control over everything that happens in a closed space and will mean another step for technology in people’s lives.

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